thumbs_downYou may be tempted by the advertisements to use Intuit Website Builder but before you sign up for an account you should read this article.

Some times things just sound to good to be true

With the promise of your own website up in minutes and a low monthly fee it’s tempting to dive right in without taking into consideration all the options available. It’s even doubly hard to make a decision like that if you are lacking in the computer/design skills area.

Do you really have the time to be making a website?

This is a do-it-yourself service. This is fine for those that are interested in learning website building, but for the majority of clients I’ve worked with they only have a basic knowledge of computers, let alone all things web.

Before buying this service you should ask yourself the question, “Do I really want to spend the time and aggravation setting up my website on my own, or do I want to focus my efforts on my business?” There are some things that are better left to the professionals.

You may actually end up spending more than you thought

Intuit Website Builder charges monthly depending on the plan you buy. I’m going to focus on their “Professional” plan which at the time of this post goes for $49.99/month. (The other cheaper plans are even more of a waist of money and this plan is he only one that might be comparable with a professionally designed website) With this plan they offer Website + Domain + Email + Traffic. Looks awesome right? Wrong.

If we do the math you would spend $599.88 PER YEAR for a template website. You can get your own original, custom built website for not much more then that and for a one-time fee. Which one now seems more reasonable in price?

Your turn!

Do you agree, do you think I’m off base? Let me know your opinion!