Logos are the centerpiece of a company’s brand image. The quality of a logo will give the impression to the consumer how much a brand means to the company. An effective logo can help sell products, and conversely an ineffective logo can potentially hurt sales. So what makes a great logo?

A great logo needs to be the following:

Make your company stand out from your competition

Don’t try to copy someone else. Instead of trying to emulate the competition you should be trying to set your company apart.

Use meaningful colors

Colors carry meaning. For example green is associated with the environment or money, black with elegance or luxury. Think about adjectives that describe your business to find colors that would be the most appropriate. For more information on color association check this link out

Use the right font

Just like colors, font typefaces have meaning. If you have a construction company you probably don’t want a curvy, feminine-looking font.

Keep it simple

Your logo should be simple enough to make a quick impression on your target audience.

Make it memorable

Your logo should make an impression on your customers.


Also, if you need a logo designed for your business you can always contact me.