about a boston, bridgewater, plymouth freelance web designer

A little bit more about me


GraphicDesignMe is owned and operated by Graphic Designer and Web Developer Michelle Buckley. She received her BFA in Graphic Design from UMASS Lowell with a concentration in Illustration. Michelle then worked for over 10 years at a legal publication in Boston, MA as a Senior Graphic Designer. While working for the paper she won numerous newspaper and design awards for illustration, design and infographics. The paper was bought out and she decided that was a good time to take the leap and strike out on her own. Now for the past 10+ years, Michelle has worked with clients ranging from small business owners to advertising agencies and national brands.


Michelle Buckley has had the unique opportunity to work in many different sectors. Over the years Michelle has developed 100+ websites and specializes in WordPress theme development and customization. Michelle is also a sub-contractor for a few small advertising and SEO agencies in the area as an on-call web developer providing support for all WordPress issues, including customization of prebuilt themes, development of full e-commerce websites, repairs and maintenance. She also brings significant experience in optimizing websites for SEO and speed.

In addition to her development skills, Michelle also creates various brand and marketing materials, including annual reports, newsletters, email templates, agendas and infographics, both for print and for interactive applications.