This is just my own personal top 10 list for design in general. There is no order to the list and I get no financial gain from anyone on the list (but please, feel free to send me something if you’ve liked what I’ve written.)

1. Smashing Magazine

I love Smashing Magazine. I look forward to their articles and their newsletters. They cover everything design related be it print or web.

2. Net Tuts+

This site is soooo good. There are tons of free tutorials from basic HTML to Ruby on Rails and if you can afford their membership you can have even more. Highly recommend checking this site out no matter what level you are at.

3. Adobe Browser Lab

If you can’t afford to have a Mac and a PC running all the versions of web browsers (past and present) then I suggest you head over to Adobe Browser Lab Here you can view a rendered version of your site on multiple platforms and browsers for free.

4. DesignMoo

This is a site where designers share psd, vector files and more for free.

5. Six Revisions

Another website that publishes useful articles for designers and web developers.

6. 24 Ways

24 ways describes itself as “the advent calendar for web geeks. Each day throughout December we publish a daily dose of web design and development goodness to bring you all a little Christmas cheer.” Believe me, it’s worth the wait.

7. Boagworld

I just adore Boagworld. It’s the blog of web strategist Paul Boag, who also does a podcast, along with Marcus Lillington, under the same name. A real wealth of information and done in a very entertaining way.

8. Blog.SpoonGraphics

Very good site with fantastic tutorials and articles.

9. Hongkiat

Lots of design tips and inspiration. I feel like I see the same “inspiring” pieces on a lot of sites, but on Hongkiat I’m always surprised at what they find.

10. N.Design Studio

I Just think Nick La is an amazing Illustrator and his site is always great to visit. Along with illustrations he also does some great tutorials.

And there you have it

Do you feel I’ve left any out, disagree with my choices or want to say I got it spot on? Leave me a comment below.