In my time as a graphic designer I’ve seen many a resume and I have to say about 70% of them to put it bluntly, sucked. Any resume that was designed in (shutter) Microsoft Word were pretty much overlooked. The others that has some kind of style went right to the top. Look, your applying for a DESIGN job, your resume is your first impression, for God sake’s DESIGN IT! Show off your layout skills, I guarantee your resume will get a second look.

Cover the basics

Start of by making sure that you include all the basic information.

Your vital information

1. Full name

2. Permanent address

3. Telephone number(s)

4. Email address

5. Website address

Major headings

1. Objective/Summery

2. Education

3. Computer Experience/ Software Knowledge

4. Work Experience

5. Awards/Organizations

Now design it!

Your resume is as important if not more so then your portfolio. A well designed one will get you a second look even if your Experience is a little thin. Some things to consider:


The ultimate goal is for someone to read this so make sure your layout is clean and draws the eye around the page. Make use of grid systems and sticking with a color palette that makes sense.


Try to stick with some classic fonts that are easy on the eye to read. Serif fonts are always easier for the eye to navigate body copy, San Serifs are good for headers. Play with light and bold face type, extended and condensed, you get the idea. And remember NO COMIC SANS!


If you have your own logo – use it – consider yourself a brand. You could also consider including some choice pieces of your portfolio – but limit it to about 3-4 at the most.

Do you agree?

Yes, no way? Let me know!