With the popularity of Facebook still rising, more and more business are looking to connect with their potential clients through Facebook. Every business should have their own Facebook Fan page, it’s the perfect place to announce events or deals and interact with people.

The best thing about creating a Facebook Fan page is that it’s 100% free and relatively easy to set up. (although if you need help you can always hire me)

I’m assuming that you already have some working knowledge on how to use Facebook. You can use your personal account or set up a new account just for your business, it’s up to you.

Step 1: Create the Facebook Fanpage

Click on the Create a page link. It’s usually at the very bottom of all Facebook pages in the footer. You should see something like this:

Click on the category that you want your page to be in and follow the instructions. It’s really straight forward and easy to follow

Step 2: Adding your info

Once the page is up and running you’re going to want to change your default photo. Often a company or brand logo works best.

There is an “Info” tab located on the front of your profile. This should have information about your company, event or whatever you are trying to market. For Google and other search engines try to have keyword heavy and unique copy.

Step 3: Add In-Page Apps

In-Page Apps allows functionality to be added into any page. These are turned off by default and only an administrator can place one on the page.

Some examples of apps you could have would be ones that pull in your blog’s RSS feed (the Social RSS app is a good example of this) or YouTube videos, or you could develop your own.

Step 4: Promoting your page

Now that you have your page up and running you need to get the word out. You should have a Facebook Page button on your website to help others find it, spread the word on Twitter if you’re there (and you should be), sending out an email notification, and put a link to your Facebook page on your business cards.