Below are some common design mistakes you should try to avoid when designing a website.

Designing for Yourself Instead of for Your Clients

One of the biggest issues I think that happens is that website owners put too much of their own style into their websites. Remember that you are not the one using the site, your potential clients are. Just because you may personally like a certain style does not mean it solves your website’s design problem.

Lack of Consistency

Make sure your layout is consistent throughout the website. A radical change in layout could confuse the user into thinking they have left your website.

Content That’s Not Written for the Web

Writing for the Web is different then writing for any other medium. It means making content



Poor Layout and Design

You do not need fill every available pixel on the page with something. Open white space is a good thing. It allows the eye to travel around the page. Leave plenty of white space between your text and images.

Restrain Yourself When Using Color

A sign of inexperience is someone that uses every color in the rainbow on one page. Pick two or three colors that represent your business. If you need more then that you can use different shades of those colors but take it easy. A good designer knows when to stop.

Those are just a few mistakes you should try to avoid. Agree, disagree, have more to add? Let me know.