What Makes a Great Logo?

Logos are the centerpiece of a company’s brand image. The quality of a logo will give the impression to the consumer how much a brand means to the company. An effective logo can help sell products, and conversely an ineffective logo can potentially hurt sales. So what makes a great logo? A great logo needs […]

How to create a Google+ page for your business

Now that Google is allowing businesses to participate in its Google+ social network, through new Google+ Pages it’s time for you to find out how to create a Google+ page for your business. Creating a Google+ Page takes only a few minutes. However before you can create a Google+ Page, you must create a Google+ […]

5 Free Ways to Improve Your Website

Your website needs improving. Really though, everyone’s website needs improving. Websites are like living, breathing creatures. If you don’t put anytime into nurturing them they will die. Below are 5 Free ways to improve your website. Even if you only do one of these items on the list it is a step in the right […]

5 SEO tips for WordPress

In a previous post I covered 5 SEO tips for beginners. Those tips still apply to SEO and WordPress so make sure you check out that post as well. So in no particular order here are 5 SEO Tips for WordPress websites. Use Images in Your Posts Using images serves multiple purposes:   You get […]

Common Design Mistakes To Avoid

Below are some common design mistakes you should try to avoid when designing a website. Designing for Yourself Instead of for Your Clients One of the biggest issues I think that happens is that website owners put too much of their own style into their websites. Remember that you are not the one using the […]

Best Firefox Extensions for Web Designers

As a web designer you need all the help you can get to make sure your sites are working and as an added bonus they are free. Below is my list of the Best Firefox Extensions for Web Designers in no particular order. These are just the ones I use the most in my day-to-day […]