What Makes a Great Logo?

Logos are the centerpiece of a company’s brand image. The quality of a logo will give the impression to the consumer how much a brand means to the company. An effective logo can help sell products, and conversely an ineffective logo can potentially hurt sales. So what makes a great logo? A great logo needs […]

How to Create a Facebook Fan Page, Step-by-Step

With the popularity of Facebook still rising, more and more business are looking to connect with their potential clients through Facebook. Every business should have their own Facebook Fan page, it’s the perfect place to announce events or deals and interact with people. The best thing about creating a Facebook Fan page is that it’s […]

Borders Bookstore closing and what it means for graphic designers

Today is a sad day in downtown Boston. As I was heading into work I saw workers hanging a Borders bookstore closing sign. Boston is still suffering the huge gaping hole that once was the Filene’s building. Now to have this huge landmark of a store pack up shop will probably turn this area of […]

Top 10 Websites Every Designer Should Bookmark

This is just my own personal top 10 list for design in general. There is no order to the list and I get no financial gain from anyone on the list (but please, feel free to send me something if you’ve liked what I’ve written.) 1. Smashing Magazine I love Smashing Magazine. I look forward […]

Stop using a free email for your business

I always think twice when, in business, someone gives me an aol or gmail email address. There are usually 3 reasons why people do this: 1. Not technically inclined – these people are usually afraid of computers and hate that they even have to use email. 2. Lazy – They already have a perfectly good […]

The one thing a designer needs to design well — Your Resume

In my time as a graphic designer I’ve seen many a resume and I have to say about 70% of them to put it bluntly, sucked. Any resume that was designed in (shutter) Microsoft Word were pretty much overlooked. The others that has some kind of style went right to the top. Look, your applying […]

When should a designer redesign their website?

You made this awesome site back in 2006, everything is up to code. You got some rockin’ portfolio pieces and your feeling pretty good about the situation. So when should a designer redesign their website? In my opinion, every 2-3 years minimum. What?? But what about brand loyalty and people being scared that they are […]

Is Print Design Dead?

This is kind of a sensitive subject for me. I’m in a dying industry, they are announcing giants in my field falling, practically everyday. You see, I’m a newspaper designer. When I started at my job about 10 years ago, fresh out of school, I couldn’t have imagined what I am seeing today. Small weeklys […]