website_iStock-300x199Your website needs improving. Really though, everyone’s website needs improving. Websites are like living, breathing creatures. If you don’t put anytime into nurturing them they will die. Below are 5 Free ways to improve your website. Even if you only do one of these items on the list it is a step in the right direction.

1. Update your site content

Start with a single page like your Home page. Invest in some copy writing help or photography, a little will go a long way. Write a new blog post. Anything you can do to update your website content will not only let users see that your website is indeed active but it also helps in search engine optimization.

2. Analytics

Get an overview of your website traffic with Google Analytics (it’s free). If you already have Google Analytics, spend time each month looking at them. What are your most popular referral sources? What search engine words are people using to find you? If you find Analytics too confusing you can always ask a professional for help.

3. Add Social Media to your site

Do you have a Facebook fan page yet? If not here’s how to create a fan page. If you do make sure you have a link to it on your website. I like to keep my links to Facebook and Twitter in the header or footer of websites I design so that they will show up on any page a user happens to be on.

4. Revamp your existing copy

Make sure that the copy you have on your website is in small, digestible chunks. No one likes to read a ton of text on websites. Use headings, bulleted lists and white space to help readers scan the page quickly.

5. Navigation that makes sense

Look at your navigation. No really look at it like you are just coming to the site for the first time. Does your navigation make sense? Do you really need to have every item listed or could you put items in a drop down menu? Does the actual text in the links make sense to users? Should you be more specific? Don’t make users think when it comes to navigation or they will just leave.


That should give you enough to work on for now. Do you have any other tips for improving websites for free? Comment below.